Do you back the horse or the jockey?

In a world dominated by technology it is easy to get caught up with the buzz of advancing trends and operating systems. But is it a help or a hinderance?

Since the Covid crisis many people have been redirected to FAQ pages or ending up talking to help desks that either don’t answer the pressing question, or end up referring clients seeking answers to other departments, or even more frustratingly, waving the small print in front of faces of the trusting majority.

The automated real estate portals don’t seem to be any different and consequently have seen a major drop in share prices, as confidence is lost from both the merchant and the consumer who have been left out in the cold and continue to search for answers pertaining to their particular circumstances.

It seems clear that the technology in the holiday rental space has been galloping along freely until the track suddenly became heavy in recent times and the finish line for most now seems to keep moving further and further away.

This is when the jockey makes all the difference.

The agent riding the horse is there to help navigate along the heavy track, providing encouragement and advice as well as looking at ways that will produce a suitable outcome for all parties involved. After all they are human and can understand the situation, they are not some algorithm that does not have a heartbeat or compassion for its clients. They also care for your custom and want to be the one you think of when you want to travel so of course they are there to help.

Having a scalable product is one thing, however, there always needs to be human interaction so that problems and emotions can be comprehended and reacted to, instead of offering black and white responses to a barrage of colourful problems.

Who is going to win the race?

A horse that cannot adjust to changes that is used to running on a dry track or a horse with a jockey who has experience and knowledge and can comprehend the problems ahead and how to navigate around them.


Invenio Homes is underpinned by its own custom-built technology, however it is being ridden by trusted experienced agents who value the relationship between all the parties involved in each transaction and can communicate directly with them.

Allowing emotions and expectations to be managed in difficult times is why the agent network is poised to become powerful again when the holiday rental market starts to expand, as governance and accountability will be demanded and this is something you cannot get from a 100% tech driven company.


As a B2B platform there is always the need to communicate. Our property managers deal directly with each villa they represent, which allows the consumer facing agencies to present properties to their clients in confidence.

Invenio Homes technology will run the race but more importantly we have jockeys who will get you to the finish line ahead of the rest.


With over 400 vetted “Best of Class” Properties in ibiza and 4 new iconic holiday destinations being on-boarded into our ever evolving B2B agency dashboard, Invenio Homes believes that communication and compassion are the fundamental business traits to allow expansion ideas to become realities.

Not every rental agency is run identically, but they all need the same fundamental business practices to compete.


Best Price

Biggest Portfolio

Best service

Invenio Homes is creating a standard that you can rely upon!


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