From lockdown to get down!

Ibiza’s 2020 summer season is heating up and Invenio Homes has never been busier!


As sure as the birds fly south for the winter and night follows day, Ibiza will once again wake up from its forced hibernation and the music will resonate again! It only feels like yesterday that we said goodbye to our last guest and went into winter mode. The island returned to the locals and we took stock on the things we experienced. Some of us started to plan directly for the coming season while some of us started to plan for the future!


While the beaches became empty of tourism, the locals still got to feel the sand between their toes and feel the cool refreshing Mediterranean water against their skin. The roads became easier to navigate and parking in the main towns became accessible again. As most businesses start to close down, the luxury holiday rental market started to fire up. Ibiza regulars started to think about the next year; dream about the endless nights under the stars listening to their favourite DJs or eating at their favourite chiringuitos.  The sense of hustle and bustle in their own cities started to become overpowering and the screensaver on their computer changed to a sunset shot taken only weeks before. 


What’s happening now?


What started as a disaster for many agents and owners when the outbreak of Covid disrupted everyone’s lives and the dreams of their well deserved summer holidays, has slowly turned into utopia for many. The owners calendars for 2021 are full already and owners are seeing an upsurge in rentals now for 2020. Owners are cashing in on deals for longer periods and agents are changing their mindset, and finally accepting that the word “‘margin” is more appropriate than “commissions”.  Requests are converting into bookings with less delays as price points are just an indication, and smart shoppers are making reasonable offers to land the house of their dreams.  Owners are trusting their agents more and more and are communicating their availability and price points.


This is why part of Invenio Homes’ next development is focussing on the  introduction of the Agent Alert System, a system that will up date agents on any price drop so that they have the best opportunities to secure deals and inform the clients of any interesting offers in the marketplace.


Your clients will now be getting real time information and your service will become easier and more effective while dealing with multiple requests. As the demand grows for luxury in Ibiza, it will be very interesting to see how 2020 unfolds and how the “new normal” will be welcomed. The immediate issue for agents is coping with supply and demand for both 2020 and 2021. However, with our custom built calendar API we are on top of this problem; it will be up to you to generate the demand.  Our recent tech investment is making this challenge less of a burden, so that you can start to see a revenue increase again in the dynamic rental space that Ibiza offers.

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