Hotels and Homes in Harmony!

They say your home is your castle, but now more than ever it is yours or somebody else’s temporary sanctuary.

Because of the current global situation, hotels are moving into the rental space quicker than ever, offering their client base the freedom and the opportunity of a home away from home.

Wide spaces coupled with low contact from people while still offering a 5 star service, is the focus for such groups as Accor – One Fine Stay, as well as Marriott and their newly launched rental portfolio, perfectly suited to their huge client base of trusted brand believers.

So be prepared for business as usual for the future and beyond.

As Invenio’s reputation grows, so does our agent network.

We currently have over 1000 agents using our custom built search tool that allows them to service their client requests.

Our portfolio is growing as well, now with over 600 properties in our rental portfolio in Ibiza alone. 

This network effect has helped accelerate our growth. 

More owners = more agents who want to work with us!

More agents = more owners who want to work with us!


As villa rentals will be the priority over hotels in the foreseeable future, it’s important that we help you be prepared and ready for the tidal wave of requests you will be receiving once clarity about travel arrives.

What our new portal can offer you in 2021:      

  • Calendar updates

  • Property Analytics

  • Quick real time price adjustment

  • Search override option

How does this benefit you as an owner?

Calendar Management:

With two clicks on your unique calendar, you will be able to update our portal so all agents will see your property only when it is available.

This is one of the most important tasks you can do when promoting your property, but it can also be the most annoying.

If an agent has a client that wants to book and your calendar isn’t available it causes frustration for the agency and loss of face from their client.

“Remember the agents are on your side”

If an agent has been informed about availability by you, but doesn’t react to the information you have provided, it might cause embarrassment.

This embarrassment will make the agent think twice before contacting you again!

These two factors are elevated easily by using one simple calendar system that keeps everyone informed.

Keep your agents up to date by sharing your unique calendar with them!

Property Analytics:

You will see how often your property has been viewed and where they are viewing it from.

Competition is fierce, and you and your property are now competing not only against other properties in Ibiza, but across many destinations. 

So, you need to know when people are renting and if your property is in demand. 

A slight adjustment to your price or the services that you offer can help secure more bookings.  

Our agent network has got the customers in the shop but it is up to you to get them to the cash register!

Price adjustment:

How do you know your property is being priced correctly? How do you know that any last minute adjustment is being promoted correctly and your agent network is updating this information?

Price adjustment will be easy. Simply contact your account manager and they will adjust your prices for you, and the changes will be visible to our agent network immediately.

You will also be informed along with our extensive agent network once any price move has been made.

Your prices are now controlled again by you and nobody else.

Search Override Option: 

Do you want to be able to promote your property out of season or for a longer period even though some dates are already booked or with a flexible cancellation policy to avoid travel restriction cancellation? With the Search Override Option you won’t miss out on any potential substitution bookings for the dates of your current booking.

It’s more and more common that travel can be canceled, so by allowing us to promote your property when you have some bookings gives you the option to replace a booking if the current client agrees. We show our clients the houses that are already booked and if there are any they like, you can then communicate with the current reservation and see if they are still committed to the rental. With borders closing, cashflow tight, lifestyle changes and travel restrictions common, this option presents a win win scenario for everyone. Don’t leave it to the last minute to find out that the client can’t make it. We promote your property as ‘currently unavailable’, but with a flexible cancellation policy. This way the client is aware that it might not be possible, but you are presented with an alternative option if they like it.


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