Insight from the inside.

As a B2B platform supporting hundreds of consumer facing agents both around the world and in Ibiza, we can honestly say that being in front of the coal face has been pretty warm since the Spanish government has relaxed its travel restrictions and confirmed a date for international travel.

The last two weeks have seen a massive pulse of requests and reservations from eager customers lining up to book their holidays from the UK as soon as returning travel quarantine laws become clearer and the rate of covid continues to subside.


The reality is, the window for reservation is closing and every request needs to be converted.


This can only be achieved by using the following formula 

Best service 

Biggest portfolio 

Best price 

At Invenio Homes we offer all this and more.

Engaging with your client is the key to gaining their confidence.

They are looking for a service and are keen to book.

This is why you have access to our white labelled property portal.

Presenting suitable options for your clients has never been easier.

Our unrivaled portfolio and your speed of response will ensure that you are in the game before anyone else.


Powered by our custom built calendar API, your results show real-time availability on our fully vetted quality assured portfolio of properties that pass our “best of class” standards.


Basically, if the quality doesn’t justify the price, the property doesn’t qualify; it’s that simple.

Nobody likes paying more than they have to, especially as the total cost for a holiday can really add up with flights, car hire, restaurants and excursions, potentially ballooning your preset holiday budget.

Let’s face it, nobody can put a price on fun!

Searching for the best deal has become part of everyone’s pre-holiday planning.

It starts when you begin looking for flights and booking your rental car, so why would it change when your clients are looking for their accommodation.

This is why Invenio Homes is the go-to for so many agents looking for the perfect homes for their valued guests.


With a set 3% platform fee to Invenio Homes and a recommended 10% agent fee, your clients will get the best prices available on the biggest selection of villas in Ibiza, while still offering the standard 10% collaboration commissions.

This price point will therefore not only allow you to find new clients easily it will also guarantee that the ones you already have don’t need to shop around for a better price.


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