Is Company Culture a Cliche?

So many business plans seem bullet proof on paper and the spreadsheets seem to show the worst case scenarios as a profitable enterprise, but it all means nothing unless you have the team to make it happen. With so much uncertainty in every business sector recently the way you react now will be remembered in the future.

How you treat your staff and suppliers will breed an ongoing culture, which will be the foundation of your company once the “new normal” is reinstated.

Being in the travel sector is like being the middle carriage of a train, you only move when someone either pushes or pulls you.

You have nowhere to go and nothing to do unless there is a client with a request or a destination to promote.

This all changed for the last 8 weeks in Europe but now the train is moving again and it seems to be business as usual.

But will your staff still be as proud of your company logo as before.


The answer is simple!



How did you treat them?

During the height of Covid we saw some of the most influential business people in the UK reaching for government handouts before sacrificing their own personal wealth. We saw world famous DJ doing crowd funding to help support their tour managers.

We saw billionaires become richer while staff, who had worked for them and been their brand ambassadors, suffer due to the lack of support from the companies that they had sacrificed so much for, and often put before the needs of themselves.

However, we have also seen some companies whose owners have stopped their own salaries so they could keep their team in place.

Their short term suffering has lead to long term stability and admiration from their team, who now feel more than staff but team members and recognised assets, whose previous contributions have been appreciated and remembered.

As a business, your staff are not a cost they are an asset!

“If you are more fortunate than others, build a longer table, not a taller wall”

You employed them to help your company grow and unless otherwise stated this was a permanent decision and a sacrifice that you made to them, but more importantly, they made to you.

Having a high staff turnover and nervous talks around the water cooler is not a good company culture, but showing sacrifice to your staffs needs during hard times is

It’s a very simple business practice and the core belief at Invenio Homes.

Pay your staff, your suppliers and collaboration network before you pay yourself

If you follow these beliefs you will always have people to rely on when times really get tough and the game really does change.

Understanding that good and bad times should be shared, and that a positive company culture is where companies will grow while others shrink.

Don’t go behind closed doors to discuss ideas, make sure your team is involved as they are seeing things from a different angles.

Creating a company culture is something that comes from the top but can only happen if you see all the people you work with as equals.


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