It’s time to make time!

As the dust starts to settle and things become clearer, owners are starting to look back and evaluate their experiences during these uncertain times.  One thing that is clear, is the fact that some owners have felt that the agencies that represent them have been more focussed on the clients needs than that of the owners!

As a B2B agency with more than 500 agents using our platform from all over the world the opportunity to secure rentals via the ever growing agency network has never been easier.


Do you also want to achieve this, stress free?

Working closely with our on island lawyers at Net Craman  we have created a rental contract that will protect your needs and take away the uncertainty of your future rentals at no extra costs to you.

 Our uncomplicated model is easy, fair and stress free. Your property will finally be marketed at a controlled and correct rate.

 We simply act as a filter and control your bookings and calendars, distribute your property information to agents that you approveas well filter your guests based on your pre- determined rental dynamics.

 Our default 13% commission is made up of our 3% and our collaborators 10% commission, offering better opportunities for rentals and reinforcing our objective to make sure that your price point is defended at all times.

With our market savvy account managers dedicated to individual properties across our extensive portfolioas well as weekly analysis on your property, we offer you the opportunity to see rental incomes without having to deal with constant emails and enquiries, contracts, payments and disputes.


The contracts will now be between Invenio Homes and your direct clients or the agents that you work with.

Our objective is not to take away the relationships you already have with your existing agencies, in fact we welcome this!

Our aim is to give you back your time, which you could be dedicating to other important things in your life.

Our fully integrated “one point of contact” system allows approved agencies the opportunity to search for properties for their guests?

By allowing us to integrate your PROPERTY into The Invenio Homes centralised Villa Information System (VIS), your calendars will be constantly up to date offering your current agents as well as many other parties live availability and up-to-date information eliminating the needto answer enquiries for the weeks that either don’t suit you or are already booked.

Simply redirect your agents to us for insights on your property, but remain available to them for any deals that they may bring you.

Our price altering functionality allows agents to promote your property at a new price point if you decide to offer any special last minute deals, increasing your opportunity to rent inside a transparent market space.

At Invenio Homes we act as your filter, while supplying our network with the information they need to promote your asset.


  • Calendar updates

  • Price updates 

  • Property information updates 

  • Photo sharing 

  • Avoiding multiple Contracts and Disputes 

  • Multiple requests from the same client.

  • Scams or fraudulent transactions

  • Unauthorised website promotion 

  • Passport and client information control 

  • Modelo 179 updates 

We do all this for you while defending your price point and maintaining your relationships with your agent network, all free of charge.

Please see a copy of our agent facing terms and conditions, developed to help your rental business grow and your headaches disappear.

As the travel industry starts to revive, isn’t it time for you to also take a restso you can work on your business not in it!


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