Looking forward

With 2020 finally setting in the dust our focus is now on 2021 and the possibilities that it will bring.

Even though the uncertainty of travel continues, Invenio Homes priority still remains on providing agencies all around the world with access to its “best of class” portfolio, not only in Ibiza but across five new destinations. 

With the latest tech build set to launch on the 18th of January, exactly one year since our official company launch, we thought it would be as good a time as any to let you know what has been happening. 

During our first lockdown in March 2020, we saw the necessities in improving our back office.

Bringing on board a full time Commercial Director was a priority, so that our owners and agents’ financial needs ran as smoothly as our sales forces service, to the many requests we field each day. 

Based in Finland but with her heart in Ibiza, Reeta Behm brought with her a vast knowledge of account management skills along with ideas on how to streamline the engine room of a growing Invenio.

Her experience in system implementation alongside a strong foundation in accountancy and contracts has fast tracked the Invenio Homes services, and allowed us to concentrate on our business development.

Our design and tech team based in Denmark helped finalise the vision ready for 2021, while our account managers have been updating property listings, as well as developing new market places suitable for our agent partners client base to enjoy:




St Tropez


As many people have a real desire to go for a holiday, supplying suitable opportunities became our concern.

Winter destinations are limited in 2021 so we are focusing on “Summer Sun”.

With so many opportunities it was important to listen to our agents to find out what they needed.

Let’s face it; it’s our job to support you!

Our partnership with Fusion Accountants has been a real bonus for all involved. Finding a suitable provider for bookkeeping that also supplies reports, invoicing and tracking has helped us evolve an ecosystem that not only supports our needs, but the needs of our agents, that don’t have the infrastructure or support for their business to grow.


Our motto has always been: Your success will allow us all to succeed.

It’s pretty easy to say we have been busy, and that the development of our ecosystem is coming along well to support both our property portfolio alongside our agent network.

Our search tool new features include:

  • Search for unlimited results for your customers using our new and improved unbranded search tool over multiple destinations

  • Over 600 vetted properties in Ibiza

  • A growing portfolio in Mykonos, starting with over a hundred of the best properties it has to offer

  • New destinations constantly being onboarded

  • Dedicated multilingual account managers

  • API and IFRAME integration (February 2021)

  • Website development as an additional service

  • Contracts and invoicing portal (March 2021)

  • Improved and constantly evolving UI and UX of our exclusive B2B agent search tool

  • Our newly updated availability calendar system

2020 brought us new ideas and opportunities but our biggest achievement was being able to bootstrap our business in such a way that we could bring our MVP and Version 2 of our search tool to our agent network all within one year.

Our wholesale price point remains the same in Ibiza, with our 3% commission plus 300€ on top of the owners net rate, all while allowing you to control your commissions on each request by using our self calculating commissions slide, starting with a standard 10% mark- up. You can adjust your commissions as you see fit, but we recommend that you start with our default 10% mark-up.

Of the nearly 200 bookings last year it was clear that the price point was a major differentiator.

Our company is growing due to your support, so let us help you grow your company.


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