How we see the next 12 months in Ibiza and our other destinations.

Will it be SUN or SNOW on your clients minds?

Due to the continued uncertainty of travel restrictions and the pending economic downturn, holidays will remain the first thing on people’s minds but the last they will be able to commit to.

As schemes like furlough come to an end, people around the globe will increasingly tighten their belts.

The temptation to splash out during Christmas will be halted and we will collectively tiptoe into 2021 hoping that 2020 was not the support act to the main show.

But we will all still need holidays at some point no matter what. And, when we choose, the sunshine and beaches seem to beat the snow and apres ski, and will do at least for the immediate future.

 Generally ski holidays end up more expensive with all the extra costs involved including lift tickets, ski school, ski hire, protective clothing etc so we feel that the mountains will take a back seat this year, until the muddy waters start to clear.

With a 2.5 hour average flight time to Ibiza from most parts of Europe, Ibiza will always shine bright in the eyes of the sun loving traveler.

Sardina is a little further away, while Mykonos’ reputation keeps growing each year but still needs a lot of work to compete with Ibiza; especially as far as infrastructure and health is concerned.

St Tropez was the hotspot this year but the covid effect from the nightlife and party scene is still being measured, and may end up putting a dent in the French party capitals reputation.


But will your clients book in advance or wait to the last minute?

Traditionally most people had their holidays booked months in advance.
But over recent years, the last minute market has been gaining momentum and savvy travellers discovered that supply is high and competitive across the majority of summer destinations, and Ibiza is no exception.

Emailing your favourite travel agent just a couple of weeks prior to your travel dates, instead of several months before, could save your clients 1,000s of euros.



But is this smart or too stressful?
The answer depends on the client.



Families have a lot of coordinating to do when organising a trip including school holidays and work commitments, so this always drives early bookings. More flexible travellers, however, have the luxury of bargain hunting.

Due to the difficulty for many owners in 2020, the need to secure early reservation is a priority, so don’t think that an early booking stops you from getting a better deal.
It’s simply a matter of making an offer at any time that suits the traveler.


Roll the dice and you might come up trumps.

It is for this reason that we at Invenio Homes are updating our inventory, prices and calendars constantly across our entire multiple destination portfolio even during mid season.

With over 500 of the best properties in Ibiza alone your clients choice is unrivalled.

But please keep in mind that because of all the rescheduled booking from 2020 to 2021, the supply line is also under pressure!

Over the next few months Invenio Homes will be upgrading its User Interface, as well as increasing its destination offerings. This will allow you to search for desirable properties at any time of the year, facilitating your clients travel needs.

With iconic winter destinations on hand and multiple summer hotspots, Invenio Homes continues to improve its services so that your clients keep returning to you no matter where they want to travel.


The next 12 months will set the standard on how holiday accommodation will be booked for the distant future, and not surprisingly it will swing heavily in the favour of the last minute market.

With savings to be gained by waiting until the last minute, along with travellers not wanting to tie up money far in advance especially in such uncertain times, will encourage the last minute market to go from strength to strength.

Booking your ski holiday will depend on the quality of snow, so last minute is advisable. But, the ocean isn’t going anywhere fast, which will give the sun lovers that extra edge.

As the second wave gains strength, the European ski season is already under threat with bookings across the major ski resorts in decline, but let’s not write it off yet!
We suggest you are always ready for when your client is.

The sun is fading on the summer of 2020 so all eyes seem to be shifting towards the dream



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