Season Roundup

In what can only be described as a year of surprises, what wasn’t surprising was the fact that Ibiza is still the choice of many Europeans when it comes to their summer vacations.

Having launched Invenio Homes in January, focusing on a 3% commission wholesale structure for Invenio Homes while still allowing for a 10% collaboration commission, we learned that price was now more important than ever. This was even before Covid-19 and the implications that came with it.

As an exclusive B2B platform we noticed how conversions were happening quicker than we had expected; our portfolio offerings have the best price point, giving our partners a better opportunity to close deals.

This filled the request pipeline all the way until March, until the news that travel was going to be restricted.

The next eight weeks were critical for Invenio Homes.

Having gotten off to a flying start, we knew that our frontend was working as planned, and our tech build was working how we designed it. However we also saw the struggles that our back office was encountering, especially with the amount of cancellations, rescheduling and new bookings acquired during these uncertain times.

This needed to change, and change fast, so we looked at ways that our CFO would be able to overlook the accounts instead of being overwhelmed by them.

With the efforts of Reeta Behm and Christina Dee, we developed an integration via Zapier for our legal and financial team to help the business scale for when the requests started to come in again.

And when they did, they flew in.


Our sales team was constantly speaking with owners and agents to find common ground on each request that turned into a booking.

185 bookings came in the space of two months from 56 different agencies from all over the globe.

Of the 185 bookings we did, the agencies maintained the 10% commissions included in the clients price, whilst the account managers also defended the owners price at every opportunity.

185 bookings


With things settling down again and the request pipeline less busy, we are now “doubling down” on the time and money we have ringfenced to improve our service to both our agent and owner networks.

Our calendar system is having a complete overhaul as is the user interface for our 509 registered agents, giving our current portfolio of 492 properties a better chance of renting.

Our account managers have been busy finding more houses in Ibiza for your client base, as well as developing relationships with our new agency partners from around Europe.

With English, Spanish, Dutch, French, Italian and German account managers we are able to offer support in multiple languages. In addition we will be developing other new functions to help provide our collaboration network a better, more complete service.

Our new build improvements will cover the following features:

  • map view
  • in-depth filtering
  • property comparisons
  • property rankings
  • up-to-date calendar overview per property
  • ‘last updated’ date shown
  • seasonal prices
  • reservation alert system
  • customized search results

five new destinations

On top of this we are proud to announce the introduction of five new destinations that we are currently on-boarding into our custom built technology, all of which will be accessible with the same unbranded technology that has assisted so many agencies with successful bookings already during our first year in Ibiza.

Invenio Homes will now also be offering the following destinations


  • Megeve
  • Provence
  • St Tropez


  • Sardinia


  • Mykonos


With standard pricing across our multiple destinations including a 10% mark up commission fee for our client facing agency partners accompanied with stylish accurate un-branded presentations all powered by Invenio Homes custom built technology and unique calendar system, finding the perfect property for your clients has never been easier.


Please stay tuned for further updates!

where the mountains now meet the sea!


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