Time well Spent

Since the lock down we have been busy improving our services to you, our valued agency partners. Here are some of the key developments to get you fully up to speed and to highlight the key reasons why Invenio Homes is the easiest way to recreate your brand in uncertain times.


Our design and development team have been busy making many changes so that the user experience is seamless and offers greater flexibility in a changing marketplace.

As important as these changes are, the main focus is on usability and making sure you can find the options you need as efficiently as possible, either sitting in front of your computer or while you are on the move.

Latest developments

  • The new design of the dashboard allows easier navigation between search results and the main search page. These adaptations allow you the opportunity to study any available property before electing to add it to your itemised search results.
  • Direct access to the best luxury service suppliers in Ibiza, so that you do not have to worry about commissions splits. Just as we know our villas, they know their products and can help you fulfil your clients requests.
  • Our inbuilt calendar system now highlights the current availability of each property so that you and your client can have a better overview of how each property performs.
  • The Advanced Features Search allows you to handpick the perfect selection for each client’s request, including location and property features.
  • Customised search results, including the option to embed your logo and company information if you are sending links directly to clients, or the option to leave it white labelled when you send options to a referral agency or third party.
  • A sales platform has been added, giving you the option to also search for real estate for sale. With a constant demand for sales properties we have added a tab so that you can browse for the best properties that are for sale in Ibiza including homes, investment properties and apartments.
  • 2021 and 2022 pricing and calendar updates. As many owners and clients are having to postpone rentals to 2021, calendars are quickly filling up. We aim to give you the latest live availabilities, helping you capitalise on every opportunity.
  • A chat box linking you to the designated account manager for each of our properties. This allows you to get accurate information to answer client questions.
  • IFRAME –This is our favourite improvement that allows you to put the search directly into your website, so that your clients can search in their own time.

Commission Slider

All the rates displayed across our system include the Invenio standard 3%.

You now have the opportunity to add your commission on top of our “wholesale prices”. This will allow you to include commissions for a referral agency and still stay competitive.

Once you have set your commissions the price will automatically be displayed when your client receives the link with their options.

“Remember it is a mark up so your commission will be the difference between our price and the clients’ price.

New Locations

Very soon we will be adding new destinations to our portfolio.

With strong relationships in the mountains and other iconic touristic locations, Invenio will be adding four new destinations to our dashboard, so that you can serve your nomadic clients for summer or winter in multiply destinations.

Future developments

Invenio’s objective remains to consistently improve our service to you, so that you can surpass your clients expectations time after time..

We really appreciate your feedback as a lot of these improvements have come on the back of conversations with our valued agent partners so your opinion counts.

If you need us to adapt to your companies needs please ask, If we can implement it we will.



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