What to do now!

Understandably the travel sector has been one of the worst hit during the COVID crisis, with large scale cutbacks of staff from some of the most established names in the industry, Mr and Mrs Smith and AIRBNB to name a few. Big names that have been boasting about their pending IPO and how they have raised millions and in some cases billions in the quest to dominate the sector. But did they get too big and forget about the ones who made them who they were?

Since being bought out by AIRBNB, Luxury Retreats has been trying desperately to remain at the head of the luxury travel domain, but slowly lost sight of their original objective and recently succumbed to the same pressures we are all facing and announced a 25% decrease in staff. Airbnb have been burning cash for a while now, but that peaked when they recently refunded their client’s bookings while forgetting about their owners, who they quickly had to appease. That led to a change in the head office mindset with staff no longer seen as an asset, but suddenly becoming a cost.

These factors are rumoured to be the reason why AIRBNBs pending IPO has been delayed. Such a spillage of funds in a cost heavy company would ultimately have a negative impact on its estimated share prices.

“Echoes of WeWork will be ringing in the ears of many investors – another company that doesn’t actually own anything apart from some nice tech and a cool brand name”

Every traveller has one thing in common – they all need a place to sleep, so this over site from its head office in San Francisco with their army of MBAs has resulted in AIRBNB scrambling to look at ways of supporting their owners who have been supplying them with stock since their inception. It is going to cost both time and money to repair the reputation that they have been tried for so long to protect and have so quickly damaged.

So where do these connected professionals go now?

What happens to their accumulated experience?

Are they still valuable to the industry that they have worked so hard for and the brand they have defended in good times?

The answer is yes!



I learned a long time ago people buy from people first and the brand second.This is why Invenio Homes has opened up a portal with direct accessibility to some of the most iconic travel destinations in Europe, allowing newly independent agents the possibility to set up “shop” with no barrier to entry, enabling them to continue working in the market place that they are passionate about.


Invenio Homes continues to develop its technology and portfolio based on its moto of “Best of Class”. This will allow agencies around the world access to the largest selection of properties, helping support their diverse client data base and needs.

Just because we are in the travel industry does not mean we are able to travel to the level of some of our clients, so before we list a property our inspection process is finished by recognising the feeling that this is somebodies idea of luxury and their perfect holiday home.


As a B2B supplier of properties in Ibiza with an upcoming expansion to 4 new destinations, we pride ourselves on the knowledge that everyone deserves a vacation and the accommodation they choose is relevant and influenced by each client’s personal situation.


So, if you are looking to reinvent yourself and become your own brand within the industry, please contact us and explore the possibilities that this situation presents. Your clients have your number they will call you again, so don’t miss the opportunity to be prepared for when they do.


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