Work with Invenio Homes to enhance your service to your clients giving you fast and transparent access to over 800 properties in minutes.


From the first point of contact you will work directly with a dedicated account manager who will ensure that you have a rapid and accurate response to all enquiries, and offer guidance on all levels, giving you the confidence to offer your clients qualified, quality rental opportunities.


With our constantly expanding, carefully selected villas you will ensure that you are providing your clients with the very best properties at the very best price from our multi destination portfolio.


Our intuitive and easy to use B2B agent dashboard gives you up to the minute search results in under two minutes, with the largest available portfolio of carefully selected properties to match your clients criteria, at the most competitive market price. Developed by professional agents who understand your needs.

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Don’t just take our word for it

Industry experts!

"In a difficult year they were proactive and consistently filling my calendar. I look forward to working with you again this year."

Can Alma
Dedicated team

"In spite of the current economic situation that affects us all, this team are concerned about finding us clients for the rental of our villas."

Can Pablo
Motivated professionals

"Invenio are the best resource for a villa owner and for the Ibiza traveler, simply because they perfectly know how to match the clients with properties."

Villa Aurora

Do you handle requests outside of saturday to saturday booking?

We will always work with you to find a solution for the dates your clients need. Simply contact your dedicated account manager who can provide you with options.

Are all of your properties vetted?

An integral part of the process before listing a new property is that one of our account managers personally visits and gives the property a “best of class” approval

How many properties do you represent?

We have over 600 properties in our Ibiza portfolio alone. Our search tool is always evolving, as is our portfolio across all our destinations

Some properties are strictly for long term rentals and some owners prefer not to have their properties shown in the general search.

Therefore, if you cannot find the property you need, or have a very specific request, speak to your account manager who will work with you to find a solution.

What is your commission structure in ibiza?

In order to keep your prices competitive we have dedicated our commission model in Ibiza to be 10% on top of the owners rate (including IVA/VAT).

With the ability to control your commission rate we give you the unique opportunity to offer the best properties below the market and portal rate.

All commissions in other destinations are set to ensure that your client won’t find a cheaper price elsewhere!

Does our commission include vat/iva?

Yes, within your commissions you will have to account for your own VAT/IVA. In Spain, the rate is 21%.

How are our commissions calculated?

We offer you the option to “mark up” from our net rate. The commissions are therefore the difference between our price and the clients end rate. We always recommend a 10% markup to keep the client’s price competitive.

Can i list your properties directly on my own website?

We share some properties via our API.

We can power your website by displaying properties available within our agent pack and then let the Invenio Homes dashboard take over the requests.

If you are interested in this service please contact your account manager to discuss in more detail.

How do i know who my account manager is?

When you register with us you will automatically be assigned an Account Manager who will then contact you for an on-boarding session.

If you have been introduced to the system by an already established contact that person will be your Account Manager.

What are your payment and booking terms?

Generally speaking, owners request 50% of the total payment at the time of booking, and the balance 4-6 weeks prior to the check in date. Each owner is different but in most cases, this is a standard booking policy.

Are your contracts flexible?

Our team will work with you to offer several contract and payment options.
Wherever possible, we will find a way that suits your and your clients needs.