Your property is our priority

At Invenio Homes, we understand the importance of maximising the exposure of your property to the right clientele in today’s competitive marketplace, increasing your rental income and enabling you to rent with confidence, fully supported by our professional team.

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Our account managers are constantly working to ensure you are maximising your profits by representing your property to the highest standards and with perfect professionalism.


No other platform can offer you the international exposure and direct connections to hundreds of first class rental agents across the globe. This network of professional agents ensures that your property is viewed by the maximum number of potential rental clients, over several sought after destinations.




We have created a unique platform which allows you to have full access to view your listings, easily control your calendars and approve and manage bookings.

The fast and easy to navigate system is at your fingertips, giving you complete control and confidence, and ensuring that your property is displayed to its full potential.

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When you list your property with Invenio Homes, you will be allocated a dedicated House Manager, who will work seamlessly with you to ensure that your property is managed with the highest level of care and professionalism.

We handle all check in and check outs personally, giving you complete confidence and peace of mind that your property is in the safest of hands.

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Latest Properties

With our constantly expanding, carefully selected villas you will ensure that you are providing your clients with the very best properties at the very best price from our multi destination portfolio


Should you consider selling your property, our team of experts can also assist with navigating the sales process, offering unrivalled professionalism and an innate understanding of the property market, ensuring that your property achieves its full potential by giving you full exposure to our hundreds of trusted agents.

Invenio Sales

How is Invenio Homes different from other agencies?

With our committed low commissions and growing agent reach we can distribute your property to qualified agents focused on your clients travel needs.

Do we have to list exclusively with Invenio Homes?

No, we do not expect exclusivity of your property when you list with us, we simply help distribute your asset through our international agent network.

What are your payment and booking terms?

Generally owners take a 50% reservation fee and the balance 4-6 weeks prior to entry.

As each owner is different we set a market standard but are happy to work to your needs. Please inform us of any specific terms.

Who is my point of contact at Invenio Homes?

Each owner is allocated an experienced account manager who will assist you with providing services and improving your listing to give it the maximum revenues

Who handles the security deposit and any damages?

As we are representing the house to the clients agent we generally hold the deposit to guarantee that any damage is covered and the compensation claim dealt with accordingly.

How do I know who my account manager is?

When you register with us you will automatically be assigned an Account Manager who will then contact you for an on-boarding session.

If you have been introduced to the system by an already established contact they will be your Account Manager.

We will be adding this information to your dashboard in the next update, however you can always email [email protected] if you need to confirm your account manager.